Disk Check

Disk Check 1.3

Check the integrity of your NTFS disks and fix any bad sectors found

Keeping your hard drives free from bad sectors and logical file system errors is crucial for the optimum performance of your entire system. Disk Check is one of the more than twenty free utilities that Puran Software offers all Windows users to keep their computers constantly optimized. Disk Check is a GUI for the good old Windows chkdsk DOS command, which has survived intact into the latest Windows 10. This tool checks the integrity of every sector of your NTFS hard drives and fixes whatever errors it may find regarding bad sectors or the file system itself.

Disk Check couldn’t be simpler to operate. The program’s one-window interface will show you all the storage devices detected, regardless of their file system. This includes any external FAT drive connected to your PC or laptop, though in my tests I couldn’t make the app check any of those. However, you can select as many NTFS drives as you wish and tell the program to check and fix them all in one single operation. It can perform a simple informative scan, an all-in-one scan-and-fix operation, and even schedule a disk check for the next boot (useful when the drive cannot be locked at the time of scan. But the greatest thing about this simple chkdsk interface is the possibility of performing any or all of these operations in multiple drives at a time.

Once the scan process is over, you will be shown a simple and short report with everything you need to know about the health of the selected drives. If everything’s in order, you won’t need to run any of the fixing options provided.

Disk Check is probably the easiest way of checking your hard drives and fixing any possible bad sectors in just one go. This is a completely free tool unless you intend to use it in a commercial environment. In that case, you can buy a commercial license that covers all 20+ Puran Utilities in multiple computers and with a premium support line.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Free for personal use
  • Batch checking and fixing operations
  • Can schedule a disk scan for next boot


  • Not suitable for FAT drives
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